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Different organisations operate differently, and one of the main reasons for this is that their goals are different, as is their overall business strategy. Our process consulting service offering aims to help you translate your business vision and strategy into viable policies, operational processes, and easy to follow procedures.

With every aspect of your operations optimally documented and monitored, you can rest assured that the overall efficiency within your organisation shall see a significant improvement.

Why are internal controls so important?

Sound internal controls are an essential part of any defence against fraud. Internal controls are the policies and procedures established by management as a response to internal and external risks. According to the 2010 report on Occupational Fraud and abuse compiled by The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) it was estimated that the average organisation lost about 5% of its annual turnover to fraud. A much quoted statistic states that 10% of the work force is incorruptible and will never steal, even if they have the opportunity. On the other hand 10% is dishonest and will actively seek opportunities to steal. The remaining 80% are honest by inclination, but could be tempted given the opportunity. Situations where there are no controls or where the controls are weak, creates these kinds of opportunities for employees. By creating a functional control environment, an organisation should have about 90% of employees being faithful and will therefore be more equipped to deal with the other 10%.

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