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Every year fraud costs South Africa billions of rands and it is expected to increase in the future. Every organisation should be aware of the nature of fraud and the impact it could have on the success and future of the company.

Our fraud management services include:
  • Developing a fraud prevention strategy
  • Developing an effective fraud detection process
  • Fraud investigations

Fraud Prevention

Fraud prevention consists of the actions taken to discourage the perpetration of fraud and limit the organisations fraud risk. Increased profits, the limiting of reputational risk and a positive work environment is only some of the benefits of a successful fraud prevention strategy.

Fraud Investigations

Fraud detection involves identifying fraud as quickly as possible once it has been perpetrated. When a possible fraud situation are identified it is important to act fast and launch an effective fraud investigation to confirm whether fraud has in fact been committed or not. The longer time laps between detection and action the bigger the impact on the organization and the less change of collecting enough evidence for proper legal action against the perpetrator.

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